이호정. Lee Ho Jung

Jang Yoon Ju and Kim Won Jung by Lee Young Hak for Grazia Korea September 2014

Lee Som by Ahn Joo Young for Elle Korea April 2012

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When im all good after the jet lag, gonna post about my thoughts and stories on korea. Im a lengthy and detailed person so You can choose to read or not to read it lol Im having a post trip depression and i feel the last 10 days was just a dream.

Partner in complaining,snoring, eating, fangirling and long distance walking 😄 #runawayseoul #isnoreshesnore  #어묵fangirl
Post Trip Depression & Missing the awesome bed at Travelers Planet Hostel ^^ Sleep has been soo good for the last 9 Nights. Great Staff,awesome location and nice rooms!! #runawayseoul #korea  (at Travelers Planet Hostel)